Mission Statement :

The Kenyan Parents in USA is a non profit event organizing group whose sole purpose is to assist Kenyans living in USA to get ID and Passports from their home States.
This will ease the burden of costly trips to Washington as the Embassy no longer take this service to Kenyans in their home states.
We will achieve this through sponsorship and by charging a small registration fee to do multiple functions relating to needed documents.

Kenyan Parents in USA-GA Kenya Parents in USA-NJ
Kenyan Parents in USA-TX Kenyan Parents in USA-MO
Kenyan Parents in USA-MA
Please join the group in your respective Chapter to be part of many other future events.(not limited to ID and Passports) all aimed at uniting and benefiting Kenyans all over USA.
Be your brothers keepers and remember :

E Pluribus Unum Out of many States ……One.
PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER: Architect Isaac Kinungi