We often think of Charity As an Action.

But I think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

Kenyan Parents in USA was formed with the sole purpose of helping Kenyans to process ID cards and passports from their home states.
The ID is just part of the agenda as the organization intends to unite Kenyans to work together to achieve greatness while shunning the notion of individualism.
The organization with the help of H.E. Ambassador Robinson Githae has partnered with the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C. to organize events especially in the middle States.

The organization is headquartered in Marietta GA and headed by the founder Architect Isaac Kinungi who has a wide knowledge of Government matters and his expertise in organization and community affairs can be attested by the many projects he has undertaken.His name for example is engraved in many churches in Kenya where he donated his Architectural services to needy communities and to name a few …Maragua ACK church, PCEA Kairo church in Muranga, Kabete mother church Pastors residence, Seventh day Adventist Church at Gathanje, Githunguri, Muranga ACK Mothers Hostel among many others.

We have a man with a vision and if only Kenyan Parents in USA can unite we can chase and realize this American dream real fast.
To those who yearn to advance their brothers and sisters no matter what tribe they come from.
To those that want our children children to attain happiness in this country without looking back to where their ancestors came from.
Join me in this journey to reclaim our lost glory and with hope and determination we shall leave an everlasting legacy so that our names will firmly be engraved in the corridors of time.